2021 Mount Dora Spring Festival Food Vendors:
FirmantRobert0X516E6pmFollow BLUE line to park
ReateguiRenzo MiaF1116M2pm 
  1. Blank Exhibitor/Parking Pass.PRINT out and fill in the information with a marker. The phone number should be the one where we can reach you during the event in case we need to have you move your vehicle.

Some of the information about Dollying in on the pass is for crafters. You do not Dolly In.

  1. Traffic Map. Find your location on the map and note the traffic flow from your Entry point to your space and from your space to your parking lot. NOTE you may have to continue out of the event area and return at the entry point to get to your parking lot. You MUST obey the traffic flow. Print the map out and bring it with you

You Do NOT need to go to “Check in”  if you fill out and bring your printed PASS with you. You must have your pass to enter the event area.  If you forget or need a pass printed, you can get one at Mount Dora Center for The Arts 138 E 5th Ave, Mt Dora, FL on Friday 2-6pm or Sat 6-8 am.

If you have any questions or concerns before or during the event, you can always text or call me at  (352) 217-8390

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